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167463 - Comprehensive Hand Injury Program

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To facilitate the further learning, skills and knowledge for GP's assessing, diagnosing and treating acute traumatic hand injuries. GP's attending the education seminar will be able to more confidently provide best practice care and medical management for patients presenting with hand injuries. The training will provide opportunities for the GP's to develop practical skills and techniques building on their foundation skills.

Relevance to General Practice

Hand trauma is a top presenting complaint to hospital emergency departments (EDs) and can become costly if not treated effectively. According to a 2003 study of missed injuries in the acutely traumatised hand, an injury was 'missed' if a patient was receiving inappropriate treatment or returned due to persistent symptoms despite being examined, treated and discharged. A thorough clinical examination and accurate injury documentation remain fundamental in their prevention. As a direct result of this finding HANDOC delivers education specifically aimed at identifying commonly missed hand injuries, and this forms part of the Comprehensive Hand Injury Seminar. A key component of the Program is deepening attendees knowledge of pain relief and first aid management of acute hand injuries. With appropriate training, pre-hospital digital nerve blocks may be a feasible option to supplement existing paramedic analgesic options. GP’s will be taught fundamentals of digital nerve blocks.

Learning outcomes
  • 1. Identify the key anatomical structures within the hand and the potential implications of common mechanisms of injury
  • 2. Provide appropriate first aid and triage of acute hand injuries, and identify criteria for immediate referral of patients with acute hand injuries needing sp
  • 3. Undertake a comprehensive clinical assessment of traumatic hand injuries and develop a treatment plan to optimise patient recovery
  • 4. Undertake the clinical assessments necessary to confirm an accurate diagnosis of the most commonly missed hand injuries in order to provide appropriate manag
  • 5. Differentiate between hand injuries requiring conservative versus surgical intervention
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    167463 - Comprehensive Hand Injury Program
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