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167786 - GP Vasectomy Update

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Vasectomy a GP Update

Relevance to General Practice

Training and education for GPs on the topic of vasectomy has historically been lacking in Australia and many GPs identify this as a gap in their knowledge. The topic is relevant to all GPs and trainees as men and their partners across the country continue to turn to vasectomy over any other source of permanent contraception and GPs require the necessary skills and knowledge to assess and inform men pre and post operatively. 
This presentation seeks to fill that knowledge gap with up to date information on the latest statistics on the prevalence of vasectomy in Australia and also on the latest vasectomy techniques and their associated failure and complication rates. 

Learning outcomes
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of vasectomy when compared with other contraceptive methods.
  • Understand the importance of effective communication when counselling patients that are considering vasectomy.
  • Understand the different vasectomy techniques and how their complication rates differ.
  • Understand how to manage side effects or adverse events associated with vasectomy.
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    167786 - GP Vasectomy Update
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