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169339 - Diagnosing & Managing Heart Failure

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This session will provide information on recognising, evaluating and managing heart failure patients safely and effectively in primary care setting. Presenter will provide information on currently available pharmacological options , ways to reduce hospital presentations and importance of non-pharmacological management.

Relevance to General Practice

Chronic heart failure is a common clinical syndrome associated with high healthcare system use. Chronic heart failure is a significant burden in general practice. Strategies to optimise management and avoid hospitalisation, where possible, are needed. GPs have an essential role in the care of patients with chronic heart failure throughout their healthcare journey. The GP is crucial in recognising the initial symptoms of chronic heart failure and organising further tests or referral to a specialist, and subsequently initiating and optimising chronic heart failure treatments with proven prognostic benefit. GPs may also need to manage the acutely unwell patient and arrange hospitalisation.

Learning outcomes
  • Recognise and evaluate heart failure patients in primary care.
  • Manage heart failure patients safely and effectively in a GP setting.
  • Outline current pharmacological options to reduce mortality and morbidity, including reducing hospital presentation.
  • Discuss the importance of non-pharmacological management of heart failure and the encouragement of self-management.
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    169339 - Diagnosing & Managing Heart Failure
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