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184123 - How to Treat quiz: Asthma in children part one: diagnosis

Speciality Classification
General Practice ( GP ) / Family Medicine
1 hr

Childhood asthma has a wide differential diagnosis. Accurate diagnosis is vital to ensure appropriate management. This education aims to provide GPs with the tools to accurately diagnose asthma and to differentiate it from other childhood respiratory conditions. It addresses some of the common difficulties faced by GPs regarding the diagnosis of early childhood wheeze and asthma.

Relevance to General Practice

Asthma is a common childhood problem diagnosed and managed by GPs. Early childhood wheeze is separated from asthma, as they are not necessarily the same thing. It is appropriate for GPs to have a good concept of early childhood wheeze and understand how the clinical pattern merges with asthma. Even when it becomes obvious that the diagnosis is asthma, there are key differences in the way asthma is investigated and managed in childhood, and again in adolescence.

Learning outcomes
  • Describes the various phenotypes of asthma and their defining characteristics.
  • Discuss the differential diagnosis of wheeze in children.
  • List the features on examination that point to asthma.
  • Discuss the investigation used to confirm a diagnosis of asthma and their utility.
  • Domains of General Practice

    D1. Communication skills and the patient-doctor relationship

    • Ways in which health can be optimised and maintained are communicated to patients, family members and carers

    D2. Applied professional knowledge and skills

    • A rational list of differential diagnoses is formulated

    D3. Population health and the context of general practice

    D4. Professional and ethical role

    D5. Organisational and legal dimensions

    Curriculum Contextual Units
    • Aboriginal and Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander health
    • Rural health
    • Children and young people health
    • Other
    184123 - How to Treat quiz: Asthma in children part one: diagnosis
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