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187794 - Travel health MCQs

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This activity incorporates 15 multiple choice questions with extensive feedback provided to help GPs assess their knowledge and further develop their understanding of health issues related to travel. Questions cover a range of travel destinations, itineraries and different patient backgrounds, and ask about the most appropriate vaccinations as well as other appropriate advice for patients based on their travel health risks and concerns.

Relevance to General Practice

Australians take just under a million trips overseas every year. These trips, whether for business, tourism, visiting friends and relatives or for other personal reasons (eg religious reasons) can pose various risks to the person’s health.

All individuals planning travel are advised to seek information on the potential hazards in their chosen destinations and understand how best to protect their health and minimise the risks of accidents and of acquiring diseases. General practitioners (GPs) are well positioned to provide such advice, both for healthy individuals and those with chronic medical conditions.

This activity has therefore been designed to help GPs assess their current knowledge on travel health risks through the use of multiple choice questions and immediate feedback.

Learning outcomes
  • Recommend appropriate vaccinations to patients travelling throughout the world.
  • Identify a patient’s level of risk for different diseases and travel-related illnesses, based on their travel plans.
  • Provide advice to patients regarding their health travel concerns.
  • Domains of General Practice

    D1. Communication skills and the patient-doctor relationship

    • Ways in which health can be optimised and maintained are communicated to patients, family members and carers

    D2. Applied professional knowledge and skills

    • A comprehensive, clearly documented biopsychosocial history is taken from the patient

    D3. Population health and the context of general practice

    • The patterns and prevalence of disease are incorporated into screening and management practices

    D4. Professional and ethical role

    • Professional knowledge and skills are reviewed and developed

    D5. Organisational and legal dimensions

    • Medico-legal requirements are integrated into accurate documentation

    Curriculum Contextual Units
    • Adult health
    • Travel medicine
    187794 - Travel health MCQs
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