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83208 - Psychodynamic principles for general practitioners workshop (part 3): Mind and Body

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This one-day workshop is designed to impart a detailed understanding of psychodynamic principles and their application in the treatment of common problems via focused psychological therapies. These principles will increase GPs' understanding of what patients are experiencing and how they can be helped. 
The workshop is devoted to the mind-body interaction. It includes somatization and how the mind-body interaction results in symptoms and disease, psychodynamics of eating disorders and body image disorders. Also covered is understanding the psychodynamics of both mental and general illness, and how it is particularly pertinent to any form of chronic illness; the role of the unconscious and conscious meaning the patient ascribes to various types of disorders and their medical treatment, and what it means to be mentally well and the psychodynamics of wellness – a topic that has particular relevance not only to patients but also to GPs. 

Pre-requisite: Psychodynamic principles Part 1

Relevance to General Practice

The significance of mental health problems in Australia is underestimated. Prevalence, from the 1997 National Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey, indicates that about one in five adults had experienced a mental health disorder, including depression, anxiety and substance use disorders, within the previous 12-month period. Depression is expected to become the second leading cause of disease burden and the major cause of disability worldwide by 2020. GPs should maintain a high level of awareness for depressive symptoms in patients at high risk for depression. Practices in disadvantaged areas have a higher prevalence of depression. GPs can therefore, be opportunistic in regard to screening, identifying and managing their patients. The local GP is often the first port of call for people who suffer from a mental illness. Around a third of all people who suffer from a mental illness will go to their GP before going to anyone else for treatment.

Learning outcomes
  • Explore somatisation: mind body link, alexithymia, embodiment of emotions, hysterical conversion reactions, body parts & their associated Psychological meaning
  • Explore eating disorders and body dysmorphia using concepts from Evolutionary Psychology, Neuroscience and Psycho analytics
  • Explain how rational and irrational conscious and unconscious processes may impact on a patient suffering from physical illness
  • Discuss capacities & traits that contribute to mental health as a guide to assessing deficits & strengths potentially present in patients to inform treatment
  • Discuss how concepts from depth psychology can be valuable in Focused Psychological Therapies as well as to everyday General Practice
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    83208 - Psychodynamic principles for general practitioners workshop (part 3): Mind and Body
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