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84831 - IUD Insertion Training - Module 2

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This training program provides participants with the knowledge and skills to perform IUD insertion/removal and to manage IUD-related issues. 
This course is Module 2 of IUD Insertion Training and involves individual clinical sessions where participants will insert IUDs in patients under direct supervision of an experienced clinician. Training is competency-based, usually 3-4 clinical training sessions are required depending on prior experience. involves online learning and a face-to-face practical workshop. Module 1 must be undertaken prior to Module 2 and comprises online activities and a practical workshop.

Relevance to General Practice

IUDs are an important method of Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARCs). They reduce unintended pregnancy rates and have demonstrated high patient acceptability and safety across the reproductive age-span. As most women seek contraception services from their GP, it is important that GPs and practice nurses have the confidence and skills to safely undertake IUD insertion and management of IUD-related issues in their own practice.

Learning outcomes
  • Utilise a systematic approach to intrauterine contraception- pre-insertion checklist, obtaining informed consent for IUD insertion, appropriate documentation
  • Demonstrate competence in IUD insertion in conscious women.
  • Demonstrate effective infection control during the IUD insertion procedure.
  • Describe the management of medical emergencies and complications that may arise during and after IUD insertion e.g. vasovagal reaction, perforation.
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    84831 - IUD Insertion Training - Module 2
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