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84843 - Win–Win Conflict Resolution

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Win–Win Conflict Resolution is a 3.5 hour, interactive, education session. During the workshop participants will: 
• consider how conflict impacts individuals, teams and patient care 
• talk about general strategies for resolving conflict 
• look at specific tips and practise negotiation where two people attempt to settle differences between themselves 
• look at specific tips and practise mediation where a third party assists with conflict resolution.

Relevance to General Practice

Conflict within a team can be distracting and negatively affect patient care through breaks in communication, cooperation, and processing of information. Skills in conflict management are imperative when managing staff, eliminating bullying, working effectively in teams, and dealing with difficult colleagues. Multiple Members (over 20 participants at MDA National activities between 2012 and 2015) have requested education on conflict resolution, mediation and teamwork. MDA National is aware of 11 recent claims/complaints that likely could have been resolved earlier if the doctors had better conflict resolution skills.

Learning outcomes
  • Discuss how to use negotiation as a technique to reach an acceptable resolution to conflict between themselves and another party
  • Describe how to use mediation to resolve conflict between others in a way that satisfies both parties
  • Identify at least three communication strategies for effectively resolving conflict, including using the DESC mnemonic
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    84843 - Win–Win Conflict Resolution
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