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85635 - Clinical Audit: Travel Health Check

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More than one third of Australia’s population travel overseas every year for either holidays or work. And even though a significant proportion of these travellers are visiting countries where they are at risk of contracting infectious diseases such as hepatitis A or hepatitis B, many fail to ensure they are fully immunised and adequately protected. Key focus area: Travel, Travel Health, Vaccination

Relevance to General Practice

While many travellers may not specifically see their GP for a pre-travel consultation, GPs are uniquely placed to opportunistically check for future travel and future travel risk. This audit is intended to raise awareness of the risks of vaccine-preventable disease while travelling overseas, with a focus on hepatitis B. 

GPs will be required to ask 15 adult patients from the clinical practice details of their travel in the past 12 months. They will also be asked to record known details of these patients’ immunisation status, thereby evaluating their past risk. On reflection of these results and review of provided clinical resources, GPs develop an action plan to incorporate into their general practice, aimed at proactively assessing future travel plans and opportunities to advise protection against vaccine preventable diseases. The effectiveness of this action plan will be assessed in a second audit of 15 adult patients. 

Learning outcomes
  • Identify patients who will be travelling to areas at intermediate to high risk of a vaccine-preventable illness
  • Assess immunisation status of adult patients planning overseas travel, in particular hepatitis B status
  • Conduct a standard pre-travel consultation according to Australian guidelines
  • Advise appropriate immunisation for travellers according to destination, duration of trip, and patient factors
  • Implement a systems practice-based strategy to increase immunisation in at-risk adult travellers, thus increasing patient safety
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    85635 - Clinical Audit: Travel Health Check
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