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88090 - ECG Interpretation in Primary Care - Interactive Online Module

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Interactive online course that introduces an easy to learn approach to ECG interpretation that allows the clinician to quickly identify clinically significant findings such as acute myocardial ischaemia, arrhythmias, conduction block and serious biochemical disorder. The approach is highly practical and can be immediately applied to the clinical care of the emergency patient.

Relevance to General Practice

Learning to read and confidently interpret an ECG is a valuable skill for assessing and treating patients with a wide range of acute presentations including chest pain, syncope, stroke and shortness of breath.

Learning outcomes

  • Describe a clinical based approach to evaluation of the ECG in the emergency patient
  • Identify the characteristics associated with the normal P wave
  • Describe how to assess width the QRS complex and identify when it is widened
  • List clinically significant causes for absent P waves or for the presence of too many P waves (when compared to QRS complexes)
  • List and explain the location of an acute myocardial infarction from the pattern of leads demonstrating ST segment changes
88090 - ECG Interpretation in Primary Care - Interactive Online Module
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