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88507 - The respiratory system and COPD

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The respiratory system and COPD E-learning

Relevance to General Practice

COPD is a common chronic condition in Australia with a peak prevalence expect to occur by 2020. GPs are increasingly involved in the diagnosis and ongoing management of COPD. It is recognised as one of the leading cause of potentially preventable hospital admissions. 1 in 7 people aged over 40 years have COPD and half of the people experiencing symptoms currently don't have a diagnosis. This online training provides an overview of the physiology of the respiratory system and pathophysiology of COPD. This topic is covered briefly in medical undergraduate studies however this training is a reminder of the changes that occur at the cellular and functional level and will assist practitioners to understand how these changes contribute to the patient's presenting symptoms and signs. An appreciation of respiratory physiology and the pathophysiology will also assist practitioners to better understand the role and function of the medicines currently prescribed for patients with COPD.

Learning outcomes
  • describe the structure and function of the lungs and outline the process for breathing
  • differentiate between healthy lungs and lungs in a patient with COPD
  • describe the changes that occur in the lungs due to emphysema and chronic bronchitis and the symptoms that are characteristic of these COPD phenotypes
  • identify other respiratory conditions that may be confused with COPD
  • recognise the link between other chronic conditions and COPD.
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    88507 - The respiratory system and COPD
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