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89383 - Healing the healer- Module 1 (of 2 ): Life and Stress Management for GPs

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Life and Stress Management for GPs is the first of the two ALMs in the weekend course , Healing the Healer. Along with the second module Managing stress with hypnosis, Meditation, CBT and Mind body medicine, healing that healer offers a much needed stress management system to general practitioners. The first half the course identifies the various sources of stress and stress-related dysfunctional states in personal and professional life. The second module offers various techniques and skills to handle personal and professional stress with hypnosis, meditation, CBT and mind body medicine, in a user-friendly format.

Relevance to General Practice

Stress-related dysfunctional states of health are alarmingly on the increase among the medical profession. Recent research has shown that 53% of doctors have considered quitting the profession because of heavy workload and consequent stress level. Research cited on the Australian broadcasting commission’s the 730 report(2006) and RACGP Friday Fax observed the following: ‘’for the male doctor the suicide rate is about double that of the community generally. For the female doctor it is said to be about six times higher. Now that is just death, suicide of highly trained people. It doesn’t take into account of the vast numbers of doctors who are depressed, suffer from alcoholism et cetera’’ 
Substance abuse, alcoholism, smoking, depression, anxiety attacks, dysfunctional marriages and divorces insomnia and other mental health issues are increasing among the medical profession at a disturbing rate and doctors do not readily seek help. 

Learning outcomes
  • Recognise/ Identify the Key indicators of stress and the common stressors.
  • Recognise insidious onset of professional and personal stress and its progression to depression and despair.
  • Utilise Techniques to manage fight/flight muscle power to enable practice rational thinking patterns mind power syste
  • Recognise and acknowledge consequences of unresolved distress-Hans Selye’s general adaptation syndrome.
  • Practice new stress-management paradigm – redefinition of stress – proactive behaviour and self-referring attributional style
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    89383 - Healing the healer- Module 1 (of 2 ): Life and Stress Management for GPs
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