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90351 - ABCDs of the Critically Ill Child - Interactive Online Module

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Interactive online modules that considers the approach to the critically ill child presenting to the Emergency Department focusing recognising and treating immediate life threating problems to the airway, breathing, circulation and central nervous system.

Relevance to General Practice

There are many challenges to assessing and treating the child presenting with serious illness including; recognising the early signs of serious illness, lack of a detailed history and examination, issues relating to patient cooperation, procedural difficulties (eg obtaining IV access) and physiological challenges (eg masking of signs of severe illness and risk for rapid deterioration). The course explores the immediate assessment and treatment of the seriously ill child and examines the clinical presentation and acute management of 4 life threatening diseases in children.

Learning outcomes
  • Identify the steps in clinical assessment of the child presenting with acute illness
  • Describe the clinical features associated with immediate life threats in the child or infant
  • Describe the emergency management of the child with moderate asthma including doses of commonly used pharmacological agents
  • Identify symptoms and signs that suggest serious medical or surgical causes for vomiting a child
  • List and explain the discharge advice that should be provided to parents of children with gastroenteritis
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    90351 - ABCDs of the Critically Ill Child - Interactive Online Module
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