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90675 - Updates in uro-oncology: A GP perspective

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Presentation of an update in uro-oncology for 2017, with information on the role of new imaging techniques in prostate cancer, tests for haematuria, and malignancy risks of renal masses.

Relevance to General Practice

Urological conditions including prostate cancer, haematuria, and renal masses are typically first investigated by the GP, with referral to a urologist if required. With prostate cancer the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia (AIHW.com.au), and haematuria a common clinical scenario, it is necessary for the GP to understand both the potential pathophysiology, and the tests required, in order to appropriately screen patients according to guidelines. This presentation provides an overview of the essential tests and imaging techniques that would be used, and guidance in a typical referral patient flow chart.

Learning outcomes
  • Describe the role of new imaging techniques in prostate cancer diagnosis.
  • Identify appropriate tests for GP initiated investigation of haematuria
  • Discuss the potential malignancy risk for renal cysts and small renal masses
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    90675 - Updates in uro-oncology: A GP perspective
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