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91399 - Personalising prostate cancer care - Current treatment options

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Online learning module with an original peer-reviewed update on current treatment options for managing prostate cancer

Relevance to General Practice

- Treatment for men with prostate cancer can now be tailored according to patient, tumour, imaging and genetic factors. 
- Many patients with low-risk Gleason 6 prostate cancer (International Society of Urological Pathology [ISUP] grade group 1) do not require treatment and can instead be safely monitored. Criteria for offering 
active surveillance rather than definitive treatment to men has been updated. 
- Active surveillance may allow up to 50% of patients to avoid unnecessary treatment. 
- Studies have found that 10 to 30% of patients (10% of modern well-assessed patients) on active surveillance programs required treatment over a 15-year period, because of either disease progression or patient preference.8

Learning outcomes

  • Identify men with prostate cancer who are suitable for active surveillance
  • Participate in active surveillance of men with prostate cancer
  • Discuss with patients treatment options for prostate cancer and their side effects
  • Take steps to make men more comfortable during intimate examinations
91399 - Personalising prostate cancer care - Current treatment options
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