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91695 - Type 2 diabetes: individualising management after metformin Clinical e-Audit

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This Clinical e-Audit helps GPs to review and rationalise the management of patients with type 2 diabetes, with an emphasis on management in people unable to achieve glycaemic control with lifestyle modification and metformin alone.

Relevance to General Practice

Management of people with type 2 diabetes is complex, especially when dual therapy is necessary. Guidelines for the management of type 2 diabetes were recently updated by the RACGP and the Australian blood glucose treatment algorithm for type 2 diabetes has also been revised and updated. 

Evidence shows that many patients with diabetes are not achieving recommended targets for HbA1c, blood pressure or cholesterol, illustrating the difficulty faced by GPs. Adherence is also a complicating factor; with 45% to 70% of patients not taking their metformin as prescribed. 

This activity will help familiarise GPs with the latest recommendations and assist them to select second-line blood glucose-lowering medicines based on consideration of both medicine and patient factors. It will also help GPs recognise causes of non-adherence and identify tailored strategies to address these, whilst continuing to manage diabetes within a framework of absolute CVD risk.

Learning outcomes
  • Apply a recommended step-wise approach to the management of diabetes
  • Determine and achieve patient’s guideline-recommended HbA1c target
  • Recognise the extent of non-adherence to glucose lowering medicines in the management of diabetes and encourage use of strategies to optimise adherence
  • Select a second-line (add-on) diabetes medicine, based on the medicine profile and patient factors, in line with new Australian guidelines
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    91695 - Type 2 diabetes: individualising management after metformin Clinical e-Audit
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