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92227 - Tailoring initial treatment in depression: Re-examining the options - National Case Study

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This free online case study focuses on tailoring treatment in patients with depression. It will update GPs' knowledge of evidence-based, effective pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments and will help them reflect on clinical and shared decision-making and management. This activity is interactive and participants will be presented with 2 clinical cases and related questions. Immediate feedback is provided as well as practice points and an expert commentary by consultant psychiatrist Dr Caryl Barnes.

Relevance to General Practice

Depression is common. Almost two million Australians have experienced depression at some point in their lives and every year GPs are consulted more than five million times by people with depression. 

The treatment of depression is complex and the array of pharmacological and nonpharmacological treatments is increasing. Moreover, patients with depression are more likely to have physical, psychological and/or social comorbidity. Tailoring treatment is therefore highly individualised, and GPs need to keep abreast of guidelines, recommendations and evidence while developing a strong therapeutic relationship to identify and address social issues.

Learning outcomes
  • Implement a systematic approach to starting and assessing treatment for depression, in line with current guidelines.
  • Develop management plans in collaboration with patients who have depression.
  • Suggest non-pharmacological interventions first-line for mild and moderate depression when these can be as or more effective than antidepressant medicines.
  • Select and trial a suitable antidepressant considering both medicine and patient characteristics, when starting pharmacological treatment.
  • Employ strategies to improve patient adherence to treatment.
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    92227 - Tailoring initial treatment in depression: Re-examining the options - National Case Study
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