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93146 - Practitioner Certificate in Hypnosis

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To educate GPs about clinical hypnotherapy (mental health)

Relevance to General Practice

Summary of needs assessment: 
With greater emphasis on mental health general practitioners are moving to increase their skills and proficiencies in this domain. Clinical hypnotherapy provides an interactive methodology which can be integrated into an existing medical practice. 

Needs Assessment 
A self-administered postal survey was sent to a random sample of 800 Victorian general practitioners' to determine their attitudes towards and use of a range of complementary therapies including hypnosis. The survey determined that 20% had trained in hypnosis and over 80% had referred patients for hypnotherapy. The paper concluded that “there is evidence in Australia of widespread acceptance of acupuncture, meditation, hypnosis and chiropractic by GPs……..”(1) 

In 2002 the AMA provided a position statement on complementary medicine. The position statement identified hypnosis as one of the potentially beneficial complementary therapies.

Learning outcomes
  • Explain the basic concepts and principles of hypnosis, susceptibility, induction, deepening and awakening techniques to patients.
  • Use susceptibility techniques.
  • Implement the procedures used in susceptibility, induction, deepening and terminating the hypnotic state.
  • Identify and use different forms and methods of hypnotic suggestions
  • Implement the required safeguards when referring or applying hypnotic techniques as required in the treatment of mental illness
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    93146 - Practitioner Certificate in Hypnosis
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