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95788 - Managing stage 3 CKD: Disease progression & complications

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This presentation focuses on the management of stage 3 CKD in general practice to slow progression and delay onset of end stage treatment (e.g. dialysis). Areas covered include proteinuria, pharmaceutical control of kidney disease, blood pressure goals, calcium/ phosphate disturbance, anaemia and referral to a Nephrologist. The case of Bruce is followed in this interactive workshop which includes a didactic presentation, group work and plenary discussion.

Relevance to General Practice

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) presents a significant health problem in Australia. 2 million Australian adults have some degree of kidney damage. Many people do not know they have kidney disease as up to 90% of kidney function can be lost before symptoms are evident. 
The Australian Government’s National Chronic Disease Strategy highlights the impact of reducing the burden of chronic disease through monitoring and improved data quality. 
General practitioners have a variety of options available to treat and manage CKD; referral to a specialist, ordering imaging or pathology tests and prescribing medications. Despite this, there is evidence that CKD is not adequately detected or managed by primary health in Australia. 
Addressing the common risk factors for CKD such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease is important. Primary care education will enhance GPs’ knowledge of CKD, its associated risk factors, co-morbidities and appropriate management.

Learning outcomes
  • Demonstrate the ability to stage chronic kidney disease (CKD) through accurate interpretation of kidney function
  • Define the goals for best practice management of CK, particularly stage 3
  • Determine when to refer patients with CKD to a Nephrologist according to the recommended clinical indicators
  • Implement a practice-based system, for patient safety, to identify patients at higher risk of CKD for a kidney health check
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    95788 - Managing stage 3 CKD: Disease progression & complications
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