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97272 - Allergy Troubleshooter 2017

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Food allergy and anaphylaxis have become an increasing public and personal health burden in developed countries over the last decade, contributing to increased demand for specialty services (1), significant economic cost of care (2), and reduced quality of life for food allergic children and their families (3). Effective strategies for primary prevention are lacking, and secondary prevention is limited to strategies to reduce the risk of unintentional exposure. Although specific immunotherapy appears promising.

Relevance to General Practice

The demand for evidence-based education on how best to care for increasing numbers of children presenting with food allergy and anaphylaxis continues to outstrip the current resources available for face-to-face training by community and hospital-based food allergy and anaphylaxis trainers.

Learning outcomes
  • Update their knowledge on new developments in allergy troubleshooting.
  • Refresh and revise their clinical assessment and management strategies in allergy troubleshooting.
  • Help them to identify areas of their clinical practice that may be improved by the addition or improvement of systematic strategies to ensure better prevention
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    97272 - Allergy Troubleshooter 2017
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