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Advanced Certificate of Dermoscopy for Dermatology

Speciality Classification
Medical Doctors
Time / Duration
Online (start anytime, learn at your own pace)

Presented by noted specialists, the Advanced Certificate of Dermoscopy for Dermatology explores the applications of dermoscopy in diagnosing a range of skin and hair conditions commonly seen in primary care. The online certificate course enables medical practitioners to improve dermatological diagnoses in general practice, allowing you to better manage skin and hair presentations and improve patients' outcomes.

The Advanced Certificate of Dermoscopy for Dermatology is tailored for medical practitioners who wish to perform dermoscopy in primary care to improve diagnosis of commonly seen dermatological conditions.

This course is for general practitioners, degree-qualified nurses and dermal therapists, and other degree-qualified health professionals with an interest in skin. The prerequisite for this Advanced Certificate course is the successful completion of the HealthCert Professional Certificate of General Dermatology or the HealthCert Professional Certificate of Dermoscopy. HealthCert also highly recommends successful completion of at least 25 patient cases prior to enrolment.  

The Advanced Certificate of Dermoscopy for Dermatology may be taken as an alternative step after completing the beginner courses in the HealthCert General Dermatology or Dermoscopy pathways mentioned above, after you have gained some basic skills in one or both of those areas. You may elect to take this course because you do not wish to subspecialise in either pathway but want to complete further studies in the field. Or, you may elect to take this course in addition to the full General Dermatology and/or Dermoscopy pathway(s) to round out your knowledge.

The Advanced Certificate course offers richly illustrated clinical examples and opportunities for interactive discussions on the cases provided. It covers the use of dermoscopy for diagnosing various dermatological conditions.

The sessions cover:

  • Basic principles of applying dermoscopy in inflammatory skin diseases
  • Common inflammatory dermatoses of the face and trunk
  • Disorders of pigmentation, infiltrative dermatoses and uncommon skin diseases
  • Viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections
  • Basic principles of trichoscopy
  • Trichoscopy of common alopecias
  • Dermoscopy of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the nails
  • Dermoscopy in skin of colour

Course participants will:

  • Have the opportunity to replay video lectures from medical experts.
  • Participate in discussion of patient cases, evaluate and make decisions.
  • Receive access to research/readings in the field.
  • Participate in course webinar prior to the examinations and ask questions.
  • Receive ongoing support post-course through webinars and case review
  • Be able to participate in optional clinical attachments which are available at dedicated dermoscopy and general dermatology clinics.
  • Receive unlimited and ongoing access to free alumni learning resources, video lectures, and discussion forums, as well as invite-only events and special offers after completion of the course

Certificate of completion
Interactive activities
Advanced Certificate of Dermoscopy for Dermatology
Speciality Classification
Interest Areas / Topics Covered
Cancer, Dermatology, Medical Education, Skin cancer detection/mole scan/total skin check, Skin Cancer and the MBS, Pathology
Provider Type
Education Provider
Time / Duration
Online (start anytime, learn at your own pace)
CPD Points
RACGP: CPD Accredited Activity 40 Points | ACRRM: PDP units: 24 Educational activity, 27 Performance review + 6 MOPs points