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Advanced Life Support Level 1

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The ALS course aims to teach the theory and practical skills to prevent cardiac arrest and effectively manage cardiorespiratory arrest should it result. This includes assessment and treatment of patients in the peri-arrest situations using the ABCDE approach, and to potentially work within a multidisciplinary team to treat the patient until transfer to a critical care area is possible. This includes use and delivery of structured handover tools to ensure effective communication. The course includes scenarios where considerations on commencement and appropriateness of resuscitation are appraised. 


Total lecture hours:




Personal study hours:




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Pre activity

Pre-reading of ALS1 manual and completion of MCQ to promote learning.

Post activity

An MCQ at the end of the course may be used to reinforce learning

Learning objective

Perform a  systematic assessment of a patient in crisis identifying and treating life threatening issues using an ABCDE approach

Recognise cardiopulmonary arrest and perform effective basic life support

Demonstrate management of a patient using the standardised approach of the Australian Resuscitation Council cardiac arrest algorithm

Deliver safe defibrillation therapy using appropriate technology (AED and/or manual mode)

Manage the potentially threatened airway of a patient using simple adjuncts such as oropharyngeal/nasopharangeal (+/-LMA) and demonstrates effective ventilation a self-inflating bag-mask device and the use of supplemental oxygen.

Assessment info

Course assessment is via formative methods throughout the whole course.

Continuous assessment of the following;
Management of the airway and ventilation using manual techniques, airway adjuncts including OPA, NPA and self inflating bag-valve-mask device.

Delivery of effective basic life support including use of defibrillation (AED or Manual mode dependent on candidates prior learning). 

The education programs provided should be consistent could be standardised within areas, regions or jurisdictions. The Australian Resuscitation Council Adult Advanced Life Support Courses offer the only national standardised courses. While the course is valid for 4 years it is advised the individual kills are practiced or refreshed at regular intervals in order to retain confidence in practice of these techniques.

Additional info

A pre-reading period of not less than 2 weeks prior to the face to face course is required. Prior to this time the course centre will send a copy of the manual for the candidate to retain to read. A pre-course MCQ may accompany the manual. 

The course is targeted at clinicians with infrequent exposure to such crisis situations.  

It is advised all potential candidates have recency in BLS skills. 

The course includes the physical activities related to advanced life support including performing chest compressions, airway management and use of manual defibrillation. Candidates are advised to report any reasons for physical limitations or pre-existing injuries to faculty in order to prevent further risk. Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn to perform these activities. 

Advanced Life Support Level 1
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