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AGPAL webinar: How to deal with difficult patients

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At AGPAL, we view accreditation as a continuous improvement journey that we guide general practices through to ensure their patients, staff, and community receive the best quality care and support. To assist throughout this process, our Education and Training Team endeavour to provide on-going support and resources for your practice team to learn and benefit from.
As part of these offerings, we host live webinars, some available to the public, and other complementary to AGPAL clients. These provide accreditation guidance, standards advice, policy and procedure tips, and highlight major updates as they arise.

How to deal with difficult patients

Treating patients from all walks of life, the sad reality is that it’s not uncommon for general practice teams to experience encounters with difficult patients. It’s important that your team isn’t blasé about the risk of occupational violence and aggression, or the negative impact dealing with difficult and abusive patients can have on your team.

This webinar explores several strategies to effectively manage patients during these situations and ensuring your staff are protected. Relevant Indicators within the RACGP Standards 5th edition will also be addressed to support you in creating a safe workplace and mitigating risk with a variety of systems, processes, policies, and training.

AGPAL webinar: How to deal with difficult patients
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