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Asthma, Eczema and Other Allergies course for Medical Doctors

Speciality Classification
Medical Doctors
Time / Duration
45 minutes
Subject matter expert
e-Learning for Healthcare
Endorsed By
Healthy Child, eLH, NHS

This session describes three important atopic diseases – asthma, eczema and anaphylaxis. All can profoundly affect a child’s health at school. The recognition and management of symptoms in the school environment will also be covered.

Learning objectives

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Summarise epidemiology, evolution, social impact and in school management of eczema
  • Review epidemiology of asthma and non-stigmatising management in school settings
  • Outline the extra issues and precautions for a child with difficult asthma
  • Describe common allergies, use of antihistamines and appropriate non-stigmatising avoidance in school
  • Describe the use of an adrenaline auto-injector (also known as an epinephrine pen)
  • Explain accessible and safe delivery of medication needed in school for asthma, eczema or anaphylaxis

This session uses self assessments that help you check what you have learnt. You do not have to use them and your answers are not seen by anyone else.

Instructors / Speakers
Gary Doherty,
Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children

Dr Doherty qualified in 1998 and in the past 15 years has completed a PhD in childhood wheeze and clinical training in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine in the Royal Brompton Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. He has worked as a Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine in Kings College Hospital and Evelina Children’s Hospital in London as well as in Belfast. He continues to see and treat children everyday with both mild and difficult asthma.

Asthma, Eczema and Other Allergies course for Medical Doctors
Speciality Classification
Interest Areas / Topics Covered
Child and family health, Child health/paediatrics/immunisation, Children and young peoples health
Provider Type
Education Provider
Time / Duration
45 minutes
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