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Bladder and bowel control in the pre and postnatal periods

  • : Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

Bowel and bladder problems in the child bearing years are highly prevalent, affecting up to 30% of women.

In this interview, Dr. Helena Frawley explores how to approach the optimal first-line management strategies for women experiencing incontinence in the pre and postnatal periods.

Questions asked in the video
  • Introduction 0:00
      • Outline common issues that affect bladder and bowel function in women prenatally and postnatally 0:07
      • What are the risk factors that should be considered when assessing prenatal and postnatal women? 1:53
      • When and how should we involve a continence nurse or physiotherapist in the care of a woman with bowel or bladder dysfunction? 3:41
      • What are some common pelvic floor conditions that you see referred? 5:15
      • What are some practical management solutions? 6:51
      • What supports are available to patients in terms of education and other information? 11:30
      • Are there any further take-home messages for GPs? 13:14
Bladder and bowel control in the pre and postnatal periods
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