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Carbohydrate Counting

  • : Milton QLD 4064

Diabetes Queensland is offering an interactive workshop for dietitians, diabetes educators and registered nurses. The workshop is offered as a full day and ¾ day option, with dietitians and diabetes educators being able to opt for the ¾ day. The workshop will help participants develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to better support their clients ability to accurately count carbohydrates in their meals and snacks.


The workshop explores which type of carbohydrate counting (basic through to advanced) is relevant for each individual. People with type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes have different needs in terms of the level of accuracy that is required in carbohydrate counting to help promote optimal diabetes management. 


Registered Nurses will attend the full day (dietitians and diabetes educators may choose to attend the ¾ day). The first two hours will cover the Australian dietary guidelines and ensure a good base of nutrition knowledge is gained to assist with the increasingly advanced modules taught throughout the rest of the day.


Dietitians and diabetes educators who choose the ¾ day option, will arrive at 10.30, morning tea and registration for an 11.00 start, the rest of the day will cover:


  • What is carbohydrate counting - history, evidence base and applications, benefits and limitations, basic and advanced methods
  • Factors affecting BGL and digestion of carbohydrates - exercise, gastroporesis, glycaemic index, alcohol and sweeteners
  • Other factors- takeaway foods, low carb diets
  • Insulin - understanding insulin :carbohydrate ratios, correction ratios
  • Teaching tips, precision and diet diaries.


This dynamic workshop combines a variety of theory, practical activities and case studies to provide participants with the basic skills needed to support someone with diabetes to count carbohydrates effectively.  

Carbohydrate Counting
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