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Chronic abdominal pain in adults: when is imaging indicated?

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This interactive course clarifies when imaging is appropriate for chronic abdominal pain in adults.


This online course has been developed to support GPs, registrars and medical students to make best use of diagnostic imaging in investigating chronic abdominal pain. For most abdominal pain, GPs are the first point of contact with the healthcare system.

Worldwide, including in Australia, imaging referrals have steadily increased in the last decade. Abdominal pain is one of the most frequent reasons for imaging requests. There has also been a significant increase in requests for CT, which is associated with higher radiation risks to the patient than other imaging modalities.

Chronic abdominal pain is a common presentation that can challenge even the most seasoned clinician. Frequently it involves a benign and self-limiting complaint but it can also signal more serious pathology or surgical emergencies.

Any imaging that is not justified exposes patients to unnecessary risks. While imaging can assist in the diagnosis of some clinical presentations of chronic abdominal pain, history and physical examination remain the best first-line assessment and exclusion tools in primary care.

Completing the Chronic abdominal pain in adults – when is imaging indicated? online course will refresh your knowledge and decision making skills by practising how to apply current Australian guidelines to common presentation of chronic abdominal pain.

Chronic abdominal pain in adults: when is imaging indicated?
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