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Chronic Kidney Disease and cardiovascular risk reduction

  • : Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) continues to be a major burden of chronic diseases managed in our practices with 10% of all adults presentations having CKD, and 80% having at least one risk factor for CKD.

Associate Professor Craig Nelson, Renal Physician discusses a patient's absolute risk of a cardiovascular event with CKD, known risk factors and how to calculate a figure that can be discussed in managing that risk down.

Questions asked in the video Resources
  • Introduction 0:00
  • The major risk to our patients with CKD is premature stroke or other cardiovascular related disease. In your patients with CKD what are your principles of managing absolute CV risk? 1:44
  • How do you implement these principles of management in your practice? 2:28
  • What measures do you use to gauge success in reducing absolute CV risk in your patients? 3:12
  • What investigations do you use to measure improving prognosis? 4:49
  • What are the blood pressure targets? 5:44
  • At what point do you need to be involved in the care of a patient with CKD to maintain the best outcome? 6:08
  • Are there any other take-home points for GPs around CKD/CV risk that you think are important? 6:54
  • Chronic Kidney Disease Management in General Practice, 3rd edition (booklet)
  • eGFR Calculator
  • Absolute Cardiovascular Risk Guidelines (booklet)
Chronic Kidney Disease and cardiovascular risk reduction
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