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Clinical Enhancement Module and Allied Health Skills: Youth Mental Health

  • : Sydney NSW 2000

The GP version of this education is accredited with the RACGP, and you will be automatically awarded 40 points when you complete it.

This education is designed to take 6 hours to complete. It does not need to be completed in one sitting. You can stop at any time, and progress will be saved. You can find education you have started in your education history.

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Welcome to the headspace 6-hour ALM on Youth Mental Health.

This module consists of five sequential parts. Each part will take approximately 1.2 hours to complete:

  • Part 1: Engaging and assessing young people*
  • Part 2: Laura, aged 14
  • Part 3: Laura, now aged 16
  • Part 4: Melanie, aged 18
  • Part 5: Jamal, aged 20

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate increase skill detecting and assessing common mental illnesses by using the necessary abilities to undertake a systematic mental health assessment.
  • Discuss the key management features of the common mental illnesses encountered as a general practitioner, and understand implementation and revision of GPMHTP for common mental illnesses.
  • Recall the important co-morbidities associated with common mental illnesses and the impacts these co-morbidities may have on young people.
  • Understand the importance of consumer and carer psychoeducation by providing access to accurate and consumer –friendly educational materials.
  • Discuss how to ensure young people's safety by developing appropriate referral pathways and being aware of the indications for referral for specialist services.

*In this module, a young person is defined as a person aged between 12 and 25 years.

Clinical Enhancement Module and Allied Health Skills: Youth Mental Health
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