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Coffee with Gary November webinar

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Mon, Nov 9, 2020 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM CST

Join us for a Coffee with Gary. Gary Smith, AGPAL Director and QIP Chairman, has been involved in the management of health care practices for over 34 years. Combining his wealth of knowledge and experience around practice management and GP communities, and his real-world approach to business - this webinar is a must for all health employees. We would be delighted to have you join us for our second Coffee with Gary webinar. This open and engaging conversation is your opportunity to discuss those questions and concerns you have, but haven't been able to get the chance to talk about. In an understanding and honest discussion, we invite you to bring your operational issues to the table. Wherever your practice is at right now - whether it's HR, or systems, resources, or financial concerns you may be dealing with. We want to know what you are going through, so we can offer support and advice to help keep you moving forward. Meet and network with other health team members experiencing the same struggles and experiences. You may have been through something similar. Now is the opportunity to share how you resolved or continue to resolve these issues. Our aim is an interactive session working together to help you and your organisation continue to achieve its best. Please send any questions or topics of discussion to the email address, or via the Registration link. Remember to view our previous Coffee with Gary webinars, and other helpful webinars via our AGPAL webpage (copy and paste the link into your browser): https://www.agpal.com.au/agpal-webinars/ Let’s get involved, let’s get interactive, and let’s work together! We are all #inthistogether!



Coffee with Gary November webinar
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