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Congenital Heart Disease elearning Course

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The Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) course gives you the essential introductory overview CHD and highlights the advances in paediatric care that have resulted in increasing numbers of patients surviving into adult life.

Course Features

  • Supports you in understanding, identifying & managing congenital heart disease.
  • Offers essential introduction to issues
  • Developed by UK’s top clinical specialists

Course Content

Developed in the UK by experts from within the CHD field to train NHS staff but now available to healthcare professionals around the world, the course consists of three elearning sessions:

  • An introduction to congenital heart disease
  • An introduction to the neonate or Infant with congenital heart disease.
  • Acute presentations in Adult Congenital Heart Disease.

How You Will Benefit from this Course

The high-quality, interactive course is ideal for all clinical healthcare professionals who are not specialists in CHD but may need to care for patients with CHD in their current role.

The resource will also be useful for all other clinical colleagues to understand the implications of congenital heart disease, as patients will access other services throughout their lifetime.

The engaging course takes approximately 2 hours to complete and, on doing so, you will gain a good understanding of this type of heart disease and know how to contact their nearest network and helplines.


eIntegrity programmes are developed by NHS Health Education England’s e-Learning for Healthcare programme (HEE e-LfH). 

The programmes are high quality self-directed learning programmes.  They are designed to support training and CPD and are excellent resources alongside other traditional teaching methodologies.  They have been developed by the UK NHS for use in the NHS.  However, many of the programmes have international relevance, particularly the specialty training programmes which are often mapped to UK specialty training curricula.


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Congenital Heart Disease elearning Course
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