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David Kessler on Healing Grief & Loss

Speciality Classification
Allied Health
8 Hours 18 Minutes
In David Kessler on Healing Grief and Loss, you’ll explore:
  • The dynamics of different types of grief and the healing processes associated with each
  • Age-appropriate grieving milestones that occur across the lifespan
  • The somatic responses to grief, and how to identify and manage residual grief in the body
  • Why children are often the “forgotten grievers,” and strategies that can help this population
  • The effectiveness of positive psychology interventions in treating grief
  • The relationship between traumatic events and grief as it relates to the healing process
  • And SO much more!
To give you a comprehensive overview of these treatments methods and guidelines, David Kessler takes you through 13 unique and fascinating modules:

MODULE #1: How Death Shapes Each Type of Grief

  • Delayed
  • Disenfranchised
  • Ambiguous
  • Inconclusive
  • Complicate d
  • Average response
  • Resilience

MODULE #2: Trauma

  • How we often re-traumatise ourselves in grief
  • Discover the difference between releasing grief and replaying traumatic events
  • How vicarious trauma can affect the clinician

MODULE #3: Positive Psychology and Grief

  • Understand how positive psychology can be used in healing grief
  • Understand why clients may treat themselves harshly in grief
  • Discover new ways to decrease suffering after a loss

MODULE #4: Anticipatory Grief

  • Discover treatment strategies that work
  • Learn how to use certain tools to help normalise anticipatory grief for your clients
  • Instead of asking, “How are you?” ask this question instead…

MODULE #5: The 5 Stages of Grief and How They Influence Our Healing After Loss

  • Review of the 5 stages
  • Explore the 6th stage of death and grieving
  • Recognise distinctions between depressive grief and clinical depression
  • Discover how the emotion of relief has its place in the grieving process

MODULE #6: Death and the Afterlife

  • The cultural meaning of angels in society as well as in death and dying
  • How Christian interpretations of the afterlife can influence your clients
  • How to handle clients who may be “haunted” by their loved ones
  • What are “deathbed visions” and how they differ from hallucinations
  • How the law validates the visions and declarations of the dying

MODULE #7: Grief and Forgiveness

  • Explore alternatives to forgiveness
  • Understand when forgiveness works and why it doesn’t
  • Discover techniques your clients can use to truly find forgiveness

MODULE #8: Tools for the Clinician to Help Clients Cope

  • How to handle ALL the holidays, not just Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • What to do when anniversaries of diagnosis, death, first wedding anniversary after death, etc. arise
  • How to handle other milestones, like birthdays
  • How your clients can renew their intimate lives after loss
  • Helping your clients find “closure”
  • Discover the best—and worst—things to say to someone in grief
  • How to avoid putting your clients on a timeline of grief

MODULE #9: Children in Grief

  • Discover tools for preparing children for loss
  • How to help kids participate in rituals of death and mourning
  • Understand normal grieving behaviour in children

MODULE #10: Pet Loss

  • Learn why pet loss is just as significant as other losses
  • Understand why clients may not reveal loss of a pet
  • Discover new ways to help with feelings of exaggerated responsibility

MODULE #11: Self-Care for Clinician Working with Loss

  • Discover how to take care of yourself when you’re surrounded by loss
  • Understand why clinicians sometimes over-identify with clients
  • How to determine when it’s helpful to disclose your own personal losses

MODULE #12: Complicated Grief

  • Simplifying the model for greater understanding
  • How complicated grief differs from uncomplicated grief
  • How things like multiple losses, sudden death, Alzheimer's disease, and other factors can complicate grief—and how to help your clients manage them

MODULE #13: The Grief of Suicide

  • Understand how grief of suicide is different
  • Discover techniques for releasing feelings of responsibility
  • Tools for healing grief after a suicide

Not only will you discover these new methods and ideas, but in the course, David Kessler provides additional resources on these topics.

Plus, once you complete this course, you’ll have the opportunity to list yourself in a respected database of qualified grief counsellors—completely FREE.

The most advanced training on grief and grieving can be yours today, at a significant discount.

David Kessler on Healing Grief & Loss
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8 Hours 18 Minutes
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