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Dry Needling course for Podiatrists

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Australia's SAFEST Dry Needling Course

Safe - Confident - Effective

If you're a Podiatrist treating myofascial pain but have never completed a Dry Needling course before then the CPD Health Courses Dry Needling course for Podiatrists is for you!

There are 2 parts to our lower limb specific Dry Needling course: 14-hrs of online theory plus 10-hr practical course (Saturday 10am-6pm & Sunday 8am-10am). 

Did you know you can enrol and start your Dry Needling online training today for just $1?

After receiving your 1st payment, you'll be enrolled on the course & receive a Welcome email with 3 easy steps to start your online theory modules straight away. Then make weekly payments until practical course commencement. It's as easy as that 

The CPD Health Courses DN course for Podiatrists gives you the flexibility to start your Dry Needling training when you want, at home or at work. You don't have to wait to start learning about Dry Needling.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you're ready to start your online theory modules. After theory completion (14-hrs) you'll be ready to attend the practical course at one of our 7 locations around Australia. It's that easy.

You'll learn how to SAFELY & confidently use Trigger Point Dry Needling to help your patients will change the way you treat your patients.

By completing Dry Needling training with CPD Health Courses you’ll not only learn how to use Trigger Point Dry Needling but you'll be able to treat more conditions and have more options for treating the same conditions that you treat now. You'll have more tools in your toolbox.

  • It will increase the types of conditions that you will be able to treat.
  • It will create new treatment opportunities and interventions that you never thought possible.
  • You'll retain more patients and you'll get more referrals for Dry Needling therapy instead of having to refer patients to other practitioners.
  • You’ll grow in confidence as a practitioner by learning this new skill.
  • You'll ALSO receive the very handy CPD Health Courses FREE Dry Video Training App which contains loads of great Dry Needling video clips to show & remind you of the important safety points, like needling directions, handling and referral patterns.

We know that you're going to love our Dry Needling Courses and you're going to learn a lot of great information.

But we also realise that you'll need some help remembering everything you've been taught. So we've created the Dry Needling Video Training App for you - it's your perfect companion after completing your Dry Needling course. 

Dry Needling course for Podiatrists
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