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Equal Employment Opportunity for Employees NZ

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Management and Administration
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40 minutes
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Equal Employment Opportunity for Employees is an EEO diversity training course designed for general workers. The course teaches an understanding of what behaviour is considered unlawful and unacceptable. The goal of this course is to prevent discrimination. This necessary compliance course seeks to promote a diverse workplace free from discrimination and harassment.

EEO for Employees course

Kineo’s Equal Employment Opportunity for Employees course is key training for compliance and human resource initiatives. The course defines EEO, types of discrimination, and how the complaints process is handled. This course is based on New Zealand legislation.

The course outlines New Zealand's prohibited grounds. These include family status, disability, gender - including transgender and intersex - race, religion, political opinion and age (assuming the person is older than 16).

This course also has a version designed for leaders, titled Equal Employment Opportunity for Managers and Supervisors.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at all employees in the New Zealand workplace. The course outlines situations and organisations that may be exempt from EEO requirements.

Learning Outcomes

This course provides New Zealand workers with the following training.

  • What equal employment opportunity (EEO) means
  • Behaviour that is considered unlawful discrimination and defences and exceptions
  • How organisations should manage internal complaints
  • What happens when an individual makes an external complaint.

Course features

Equal Employment Opportunity for Employees is a focused online training course featuring the following.

  • 40 minutes course duration
  • Interactive activities
  • Compliance focus
  • Accessibility functionality for WCAG AA compliance
  • Full course voiceover
  • Assessments at the end of each section
  • Certificate of completion
  • Adaptics - Kineo’s pre-assessment technology

This course is created in collaboration with a New Zealand HR and employment law specialist specialist.

Certificate of completion
Interactive activities
Voice Over
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Equal Employment Opportunity for Employees NZ
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Education Provider
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40 minutes
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