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FPAA National Certificate in Sexual & Reproductive Health for Doctors - Face to Face

  • : Sydney, NSW

Who would benefit from this course

Medical practitioners (including GPs and GP Registrars) who wish to expand their knowledge and develop their clinical skills in reproductive and sexual health, including contraception, cervical screening, sexually transmissible infections (STIs), menopause, men’s sexual health, common gynaecological conditions and other topics in reproductive and sexual health.

Course description

This nationally recognised course in reproductive and sexual health consists of three modules.

Modules 1 and 2 comprise Theory and Assessment.  The five-day Theory module is designed to provide participants with sound evidence-based knowledge in reproductive and sexual health, and the opportunity to discuss issues from their own clinical practice.  Assessment will conclude the five-day course.

Module 3 comprises competency based clinical training.  Clinical sessions include a sexual health or men's health clinic, an observation clinic at a Family Planning NSW clinic, and a minimum of five-eight participatory clinical sessions at Family Planning NSW clinics.

Implanon NXT training is offered by MSD on the Thursday evening to coincide with the FPAA course for those participants who have not yet completed the MSD training.

Implanon insertion and removal forms part of the assessment of competence for all participants wishing to attain the FPAA National certificate.

Clinical placements provide participants with the opportunity to develop and apply theoretical principles relating to contraceptive technology, gain confidence and expertise in clinical examination and procedures, and further develop communication and brief counselling skills in sexual and preventative health care.  Training in Family Planning NSW clinics with experienced clinical instructors aims to increase confidence in client communication and offers discussion of approaches to management of reproductive and sexual health issues.

Entry requirements / eligibility

Applicants must be a Medical Practitioner and have current medical registration with the Medical Board of Australia. At least two years postgraduate experience is desirable. Participants should have an interest in reproductive and sexual health and preferably have some basic experience in gynaecological examination. Adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance is the sole responsibility of the participant.

Learning outcomes

  • To describe and identify reproductive and sexual health issues

  • To demonstrate expertise in clinical examinations and procedures in the field of reproductive and sexual health

  • To discuss with clients issues in sexual and preventative health care, and be able to explain approaches to management

Course structure

Pre-course activities

Pre-reading and related activities (approximately three hours) must be completed before attendance at the fact-to-face workshop. These are distributed to participants for four weeks prior to attendance.

Face-to-face workshop
(Module 1)

five day face-to-face workshop

(Module 2)

a written examination and role play examination on day five
The assessment will complete Module 1 (theory) and Module 2 (assessment)

Clinical Training
(Module 3)

Minimum of attendance at 5-8 clinical sessions at a Family Planning clinic and one observation session at a Sexual Health clinic
*clinical training must be completed twelve months from conclusion of assessment

Note: The theory component of this certificate course can also be completed by blended distance learning including the two day Doctors Short Course  FPAA National Certificate in Reproductive & Sexual Health for Doctors - Distance



Modules 1 and 2: 'Family Planning NSW Sexual and Reproductive Health Certificate' will be issued upon successful completion (Module 3 is not required to attain this certificate). Assessment will be based upon full attendance, a short answer case study-based wirtten exam and clinical role plays to assess sexual history taking and communication skills prior to being accepted into clinical training.

Module 3: 'FPAA National Certificate in Reproductive & Sexual Health for Doctors' will be issued upon successful completion of clinical training.

Course dates for 2018

  • 30 April-4 May 2018
  • 3-7 September 2018

Course applications for 2018 will be open shortly

FPAA National Certificate in Sexual & Reproductive Health for Doctors - Face to Face
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