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Managing Grief and Bereavement throughout the Lifespan

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This webinar series explores the topic of Managing Grief and Bereavement throughout the Lifespan.

During this webinar series, Amanda Gordon focuses on the universal experience of Grief and bereavement. She will explore the prevalence, risk factors and proposed diagnostic criteria for Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder through the lens of DSM5.

Several different theoretical models of grief will be explored, with a particular emphasis on Shimshon-Rubin’s Two-Track Model. Clinicians will be taught how to differentiate between normal and abnormal grief reactions, as well as between grief and other disorders, such as Major Depressive Disorder and Separation Anxiety Disorder. 

By the end of the webinar series, clinicians will have detailed knowledge on how grief changes across the lifespan and will be able to effectively manage and care for grieving children, adolescents and adults. Helpful tips for clinician self-care when dealing with grieving clients will be reviewed.

The 4 webinars on the topic of Managing Grief and Bereavement throughout the Lifespan are:

  • Understanding Grief and its Theoretical Underpinnings
  • The Two-Track Model of Bereavement
  • Managing Grief through the Lifespan Part 1:  Children and Adolescents
  • Managing Grief through the Lifespan Part 2:  Adults; Caring for the Carer

Overall Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this webinar participants will be able to:

  • diagnose Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder 
  • formulate a working model for an individual client 
  • understand comorbidities in presentations
  • understand the two-track model of bereavement and how to utilise this
  • identify grief in children and adolescents and how it differs at different developmental stages
  • utlilise evidence based therapies to effectively support grieving children and adolescents
  • identify grief in adults and the particular elements of grief in older adults
  • apply the two-track model, using evidence based interventions
  • utilise methods of self-care appropriate to their practice.


Amanda Gordon Hon FAPS

About the presenter(s)

Amanda Gordon Hon FAPS is Adjunct Associate Professor at University of Canberra.  She has been in private practice for over thirty years, and is Director and Principal Clinical Psychologist at the Armchair Psychology Practice.  She has presented on a range of topics relevant to practitioners at both local and international conferences over many years. 

Amanda has a particular interest in working with Grief and Bereavement, and her presentations – grounded in theory – include practical examples and cases from her work with clients. She has worked extensively with the Ambulance Service of NSW to support paramedics in coping with Loss and Grief.

As past President of the APS, Amanda is the Founder of Psychology Week, the APS Leadership Programme, and the Bendi Lango Foundation providing bursaries to Indigenous Psychology students.  She is past Treasurer of the NSW Reconciliation Committee, Past Chair of the NSW Refugee Week Committee, and a past member of the Detention Health Advisory Group, as well as past convenor of the APS Refugee Issues Interest Group.  All of these roles have entailed dealing with grief and learning from others besides psychologists, especially around culturally bound expressions of grief.


  • This special pricing is only available for registration to the entire series. Registration to single webinars are not available.
  • Each webinar in the series accrues 1.5 hours of CPD, however, unlike our current webinar offerings, enrolment for any of these webinar recordings will not provide you with a knowledge assessment and certificate of completion. Please make sure to record the activity yourself in your CPD journal.
  • You will have 12 months access to the webinar recordings and related resources where available.
Managing Grief and Bereavement throughout the Lifespan
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