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Managing Personal and Professional Development

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Continued Professional Development / Demonstrating Personal Qualities / Leadership / Leadership for Clinicians: Clinical Leadership / Ophthalmology / Personal career development

Managing Personal and Professional Development

This micro skills course considers the necessity for clinicians to continuously develop in the various roles that make up their professional practice, including leadership. It explores the link between individual practice and that of the organisation. This micro skills course supports the development of leadership in clinical settings.


What will I learn?

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • State the requirements for clinicians to demonstrate a consistently high standard in all aspects of their work;
  • Understand how individual performance impacts on the wider healthcare system;
  • Identify the range and means of identifying personal and professional development needs;
  • Describe the link to the Medical/Clinical Leadership Competency Framework;
  • Identify any areas for future personal development arising from this module and any appropriate training opportunities available locally;
  • Demonstrate your contribution to leadership by identifying steps to show improvement in your own practice and leadership

  • PRM123
    Managing Personal and Professional Development
    Provider Type
    Education Provider
    30-60 minutes
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