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Modern Management and Leadership in Nursing

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Nurses working in management or leadership positions are are an integral part of the health care team. This challenging role demands a range of advanced skills that require refreshing and updating so as to ensure you remain effective and engaged with your role. This program will provide you with a highly interactive forum to meet other nurses who work in a similar position and discuss crucial leadership and management skills relating to your job. Includes:

  • Key prerequisites and skills you need for good and effective, trouble-free management
  • How to communicate better with others in your team
  • Discover what motivates people
  • Take time to reflect on your career and the type of manager or leader you want to be

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Need for Program

Nurses require an understanding of leadership in order to function effectively in a complex healthcare sector and fulfil significant leadership and management roles. This seminar will enable you to develop knowledge of contemporary leadership and management approaches.

Purpose of Program

This program provides nurses with a highly interactive forum to discuss crucial leadership and management skills that relate to their practice. There will be engagement in contemporary leadership and management theories which can be applied in nursing and midwifery practice in a variety of health contexts.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this program it is expected that the participants will be able to:

  • Clearly state the difference between leadership and management approaches and why a nurse requires both of these skills
  • Debate and critique current and future roles as nurse leaders/managers so as to reflect on your own career trajectory
  • Learn practical strategies that encourage and support mentoring so as to foster a collegial environment where staff satisfaction remains high
  • Give examples of how the use of clear communication with your colleagues can lead to improved patient outcomes
  • Schedule Day One

    8:30am - Registration and Refreshments


    Building Relationships

    In this introductory session , participants will be informed of the process that will be undertaken throughout these two interactive days.


    Leadership and Management

    In this interactive session you will discuss and debate leadership and management and:

    • What is it all about?
    • Does it relate to me?

    10:30am - Morning Tea and Coffee


    Leadership and Management

    In this interactive session there will be an opportunity to reflect on the articles provided and discuss the following concepts.

    • What do you think leadership is?
    • What type of leadership is there in nursing?
    • What is management?
    • How do they manifest in nursing roles?
    • Preventing role ambiguity


    Leadership in Action

    This interactive session continues on from the morning activities.

    • Are you a leader and if so who are you leading?
    • What do you know about those you are leading and what should you know?
    • Leading or just taking a walk?

    1:00pm - Lunch Break and Networking


    Leadership Theories and Styles

    There are many leadership theories today and in this session we will discuss six of these and how they may be implemented in your current and future roles. Leadership styles:

    • Transformation
    • Transaction
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Servant Leadership
    • Situational
    • Congruent/Clinical leadership

    3:00pm - Afternoon Tea and Coffee


    Leadership Theories and Styles

    This final session of day one will complete the above session and summarise the days learning.

    4:15pm - Close of Day One of Program

    Day Two

    9:00am - Commencement of Day Two


    Recap Day One Activities

    This session will discuss the following:

    • Working as a manager/leaders in today’s health care system
    • Knowing your audience: situational leadership

    10:00am - Morning Tea and Coffee


    Change and Generational Theories

    We are all confronted with change in this complex health environment: what are some of the impediments to change? Generational Theory: today there are up to four generations working in any healthcare facility.

    12:30pm - Lunch Break and Networking


    Complex Health Environments

    This session will look at the issues confronting nurses in today’s complex healthcare environment. The following issues will be discusses and debated:

    • What are your concerns?
    • What do you want to celebrate?
    • Who do you want to be in the future?
    • How will you do it?
    • Why do you want to do it?
    • Where do you want to do it?


    Workshop Activity

    3:00pm - Afternoon Tea and Coffee


    Case Scenarios

    4:15pm - Close of Seminar and Evaluations


    Lesley Siegloff

    Lesley Siegloff

    Associate Dean Practice Development and Senior Lecturer - Nursing/Aged Care in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Flinders University in Adelaide. Lesley has considerable clinical, teaching and research experience in residential and community aged care and is well known for her rural nursing practice expertise.

Modern Management and Leadership in Nursing
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