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Official OET Ready – Online Course for Speech Pathology

Speciality Classification
Speech Pathologists
Time / Duration
60 days of access

Prepare for all four subtests

OET’s online preparation course is specifically designed to help you build your English skills before you take OET.

Written by OET education experts, the online course provides authentic practice material based on real OET content. The course includes:

  • 60 days of access from the date you register the product
  • Skill-building lessons and strategies based on actual OET material
  • Language activities aligned with healthcare workplace scenarios
  • Advice for test day.


Feedback Voucher

If you would like to receive customised feedback on both your Speaking and Writing subtests, you will be able to purchase an OET Feedback Voucher within OET Ready.


The OET Feedback Voucher offers:

  • Customised feedback on your speaking and writing skills
  • Insight into your speaking and writing strengths and weaknesses
  • A practice online speaking test
  • Guidance on how to improve your speaking and writing skills.


System Requirements

Make sure you:

  • Use a laptop, desktop or tablet (mobile devices are not supported)
  • Connect headphones, microphones as well as a printer
  • Use Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge for optimal performance.


To access the course, you will receive a code and number to register your personal details with OET Ready. 

Official OET Ready – Online Course for Speech Pathology
Interest Areas / Topics Covered
Communication skills
Provider Type
Education Provider
Time / Duration
60 days of access