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One Day Mental Health Module in CBT/FPS

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This One Day Mental Health Module is held on one day and reinforces several key aspects of the Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS) based upon Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for use in Clinical Practice.  This One Day Module does NOT contain formal hypnosis.  The module uses the assessment and treatment of a phobia as a template for revising the FPS.  The One Day Module is being conducted in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin and Brisbane in 2017 - 2019.  This module is supplementary to the Clinical and Advanced Clinical Courses which include Hypnosis and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), the Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS), Relaxation, Guided Imagery, Stress Management and Counselling. 


Total lecture hours:




Personal study hours:




Total contact hours:


Pre activity
Participants are asked to examine their own patterns of personal usage and clinical practise of numerous skills such as the focused psychological strategies (FPS) before the training. Next they complete the pre-module’s reading and use the relaxation recordings on a frequent basis.
Post activity
They then participate in the training and are assessed the same day with the formal written assessments. They are asked to review their personal usage and clinical practise of the skills 1 month following the training and to consider the difference that the training has made to their own life skills and to their clinical practice.
Learning objective

The overall objective of this One Day Mental Health Module is to consolidate or extend your ability to use key aspects of the Focused Psychological Strategies (FPS) based upon CBT in order to treat patients/consumers using the example of anxiety manifesting as a phobia such as needle phobia. Mental Health Skills are also reinforced.


FPS Treatment strategies will include –

1.         Psychoeducation;

2.         Relaxation and controlled breathing;

3.         Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, several core principles (CBT);

4.         Activity scheduling;

5.         Cognitive analysis and interventions including cognitive restructuring;

6.         Self instructional training;

7.         The therapeutic relationship.


It is intended that by the end of this module your abilities will be enhanced or reinforced in 5 areas:


K:         A  knowledge of phobias and several key FPS interventions such as psychoeducation.                     

A:         An attitude of confidence with developing mental health treatment plans.

S:         The practical ability to utilise skills of constructing a graded hierarchy for a phobia.

B:         Imaginally rehearse the selective behavioural skills practised during the module.

Sy:       Systems being incorporated or reinforced in your clinical practice which enhance patient care

            and safety including follow-up arrangements for patients/consumers if they have become

            distressed during a consultation.

Assessment info

The Participant Evaluation Form is completed near the end of the module.


In addition the following evaluation instruments are administered:


a.      The Reinforcing Activity for the Module is the Formal Written Assessment (administered near the end of the module).

b.      Immediate Post Module Evaluation at the end of the module (attached). 

c.      One Month Post Module Evaluation (similar to Pre Module evaluation). This form is sent to participants one month after the activity (attached). 


Progressive informal evaluations are also conducted by Dr Fahey and by colleague participants during the module, when course participants use these skills with each other and then informally discuss their experience with each other, and then again during the formal debriefing of the sessions with Dr Fahey.  Students learn a lot from their mutual feedback.


The students are supervised during their practical sessions as Dr Fahey is present ‘on site’ and periodically observes small group activities to ensure that they are being conducted correctly and to give feedback and guidance when required.                                                                                

One Day Mental Health Module in CBT/FPS
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