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Opioids: Redefining ‘Doing Well’ For Patients With Chronic Non-Cancer Pain Clinical e-Audit

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This Clinical e-Audit provides GPs with the opportunity to review patients with chronic non-cancer pain who have been prescribed an opioid for 3 consecutive months or longer and self-reflect on prescribing practice. The Clinical e-Audit helps GPs  identify patients who would benefit from an opioid taper trial and referral to support services where possible.


Learning objective

1. Recognise the limited role of opioid treatment in patients with chronic non-cancer pain.

2. Develop a management plan with the patient incorporating a multimodal approach and the criteria for success and failure.

3. Identify patients where an opioid taper should be considered.

4. Select and refer patients who would benefit from referral to support and specialist services.

Assessment info

Our Clinical e-Audits are free quality improvement activities that help GPs review their current prescribing practice for patients with certain conditions, compared with current best practice guidelines.

What’s involved:

  • completing electronic data collection for 7 patients
  • submitting de-identified data securely online
  • reflecting on immediate patient-specific feedback to help you change your practice
  • reviewing individual and peer feedback results, based on achievement of best practice clinical indicators
  • recording progress of individual patients automatically identified for review
  • reflecting on improvements in your practice.
Opioids: Redefining ‘Doing Well’ For Patients With Chronic Non-Cancer Pain Clinical e-Audit
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