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Port Douglas Nurses' Conference

  • : Port Douglas QLD 4877

Every year Ausmed Education holds a nurses’ conference specifically designed for your location and aimed at assisting you to get rapidly up-to-date on current nursing topics. Attend this local nurses’ conference to gain a broad range of clinical and professional updates relevant to your practice. Take time out and network with like-minded colleagues. Find out:

  • What are some of the health priorities that you need to know about?
  • What nursing interventions make a difference, especially to those with chronic conditions?
  • Why is evidence so important to the way you practice?
  • What is the latest information about a range of current treatments?

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Jane Stanfield

Communicating within an Interprofessional Team

It is well known that the best work gets done by teams. In hospitals and community settings, teams of interprofessionals work together to achieve patient outcomes. Although much “lip service” is paid to the success of teamwork - really effective teams are hard to find. This introductory session will focus on a cornerstone of interprofessional collaboration – communication in teams. It includes:

  • Your own communication style – Did you really say what you thought you said?
  • Why do people seem to misinterpret some very simple ideas?
  • Why must you use a range of communication styles if you are to be really understood?
  • The dynamics of team communication?
  • The power within your mind – how can you improve your listening skills?



Women’s Health and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is pervasive in today’s society. The effects of domestic violence are felt not only by the family but by people close to both the perpetrator and recipient. In this session, we discuss:

  • Latest statistics – how big is this problem?
  • What are the causes of domestic violence?
  • What support and assistance exists at all levels?
  • What are the effects of domestic violence?



Sandra Gregg

Breast Cancer and the Role of Screening

Following the diagnosis of breast cancer, many women seek support, education, and advice on many issues. In this session, we look at:

  • What specialist support is available for women with breast cancer?
  • Why is this role so important?
  • What does the evidence say about the support and education provided to women with breast cancer and how it improves wellbeing?


Sabine Harth

Treatment Options for Dependence

As addictive behaviours are a chronic disease, it is not feasible that people can be cured by stopping for a few days. Recovery is slow, may often need to be repeated, should be holistic, and in many cases, demands lifelong vigilance. This session discusses:

  • What are the key evidence based principles for an effective treatment program and its limitations?
  • Is there one single treatment that supports anyone with addictive behaviours?
  • How to support clients in their recovery program, individually and holistically
  • Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®) considering the mind body connection reducing inner stress into recovery



Yvette McGrath

Older People and Medicines

As people age, their ability to metabolise medicines changes. As many older adults take multiple medicines, it is essential that their effect on one another be understood by those administering them. In this session, you will consider how you can avoid the problems that may arise, and why medication review in older people is essential. It includes a note on distractions at the drug trolley and explores:

  • Metabolism and medicines – how do we change?
  • Medication delivery mechanisms – does one size fit all?
  • What are the dangers of crushing medicines – are there other options?
  • What are the top ten interactions to watch for?


Yvette McGrath

Polypharmacy and the Importance of Home Medication Reviews (HMR)

As our population ages, polypharmacy becomes a reality for many people. The risks involved in mixing medications that are prescribed or sourced from over the counter can be detrimental to health. In this session, we look at:

  • What is a HMR?
  • How can these be accessed?



Jane Stanfield

Wellbeing in Nurses: Are We Taking Care of Ourselves?

The profession of nursing has traditionally promoted holistic healthcare practice in patients. Nurses spend their shifts caring for others in often highly charged and emotional situations and can forget to look after themselves. This final session explores enhancing emotional wellbeing through self-care and includes:

  • Whether wellbeing should this be considered a part of professional development
  • How to sustain wellbeing across the day to go home healthy


Day Two



Jane Stanfield

Motivating Small Teams: Uncovering the Untold Story

Motivation is a constant issue in most workplaces. What motivates people can be very personal. If you are the clinical manager, what does it take to motivate the staff who you lead? This session looks at models of motivation and unpacks why some strategies will work on one person but not another. It includes:

  • Models of motivation
  • Which one to use and when


Kerry Vickers

Diabetes Medication Update: Oral and Injectable Medicines

Oral and injectable (insulin) medicines for diabetes are frequently administered by nurses but can often be misunderstood. The risks to safety that medications such as insulin can pose if incorrectly administered are huge. As such, this session we will provide an overview of current medication treatments for optimum diabetes management. Includes:

  • What are the differences in oral and insulin medications?
  • When might each type be required?
  • How is the type of insulin therapy selected?
  • Side effects and interactions to be aware of
  • Tips for safe medication administration



Natalie Thompson

Fad Diets – Helpful or Hindering?

Fad diets are very popular, especially as they are often endorsed by celebrities. However, do they actually lead to permanent weight loss or do they contribute to an ongoing spiral of ill health? This session will assess the various diet modification approaches and consider their relative merits. It will include:

  • Background info and research into the traditional weight-focused paradigm taught in university that we usually start practising from, and why this is ineffective and harmful
  • An explanation of what dieting actually is
  • An explanation of what health professionals need to focus on and why – providing background info and research into the non-diet or Health At Every Size(R) approach and encouraging health professionals to be open-minded to this new evidence-based approach
  • A simple action plan at the end of the presentation, so health professionals can learn more and walk away to start changing their practise for the better


Kerry Stingel

Tips and Tricks for Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathy, damage to one’s nerves, may be particularly troublesome, particularly the pain associated with it. Why is managing neuropathic pain in people so difficult, and why can it result in other complications? This session explores an often debilitating complication and includes:

  • What are the neural pathways involved in neuropathic pain?
  • How can you assess symptoms of neuropathic pain?
  • What is the best management option?
  • Is there a window of opportunity for analgesia and, if so, what is the best type?



Anne Russell

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Nursing the Vulnerable

Despite the increasing prevalence of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) most health professionals have limited knowledge of this condition. Subsequently, confidence in managing the behavioural effects on school-aged children with FASD may be limited and impact on the health, development, and school achievement of these children. This session will explore:

  • The impact of alcohol on the foetus and ongoing development
  • How daily routine can help with self-care for children and adolescents with FASD
  • The common communication difficulties
  • Managing hyper-responsiveness and sensory stimulation



Professor John McBride

Tropical Diseases: Latest Information

Far North Queensland is at a specific risk of many types of tropical disease. These diseases may present a risk to the health and wellbeing of the nation. The people that live in tropical Australia are especially at risk and they may require special consideration for management of these diseases. This session closes the conference by providing you with an update on tropical diseases.


The Goal Need for Program

Safety and quality are essential and are directly linked to knowledge. The need for you to continually seek new information in regard to the nursing care you provide is a given, no matter where you work. This is a time when:

  • Health care budgets are under increased stress
  • The community purse is shrinking
  • Quality outcomes are now the goal of all care

It is more important than ever that you take a leadership role in providing high-value care that is outcome focused. Addressing emerging gaps in knowledge through up-to-date information is crucial if safe, quality outcomes are to be achieved.

Purpose of Program

This program provides you with current knowledge relating to a range of professional and clinical practice topics that will improve how you provide holistic nursing care.

Your learning outcomes:

People with health risks will receive preventative nursing action in your care to avoid illness

Better patient outcomes will be achieved through the application of up-to-date knowledge relating to specific nursing interventions

Interprofessional collaboration will be optimised to enhance patient outcomes

Patient outcomes will be underpinned by evidence-based practice and recognised standards and guidelines


Jane Stanfield

Jane Stanfield

Jane Stanfield is a health service improvement coach. She comes with 30 years’ experience in health care, half as a ...Read More

Sandra Gregg

Sandra Gregg

Sandra Gregg has been a breast care nurse since 2002 and a McGrath Breast Care Nurse since 2009, covering Far ... Read More

Sabine Harth

Sabine Harth

As a Recovery Coach/Group Facilitator at Centacare Mental Health Resource Services, Sabine Harth works with individuals learning self-leadership from a ... Read More

Yvette McGrath

Yvette McGrath

Yvette McGrath is an Accredited Pharmacist who has been providing medication management services to patients in the community since 2001. ... Read More

Kerry Vickers

Kerry Vickers

Kerry Vickers is a Registered Nurse and Credentialed Diabetes Educator who has worked for Cairns Diabetes Centre and Apunipma Cape ... Read More

Natalie Thompson

Natalie Thompson

Natalie Thompson is a non-dieting Accredited Practising Dietitian who works in private practice out of the northern beaches of Cairns. ... Read More

Kerry Stingel

Kerry Stingel

Kerry Stingel graduated from the Uni of Queensland in 1989 and has been working as an occupational therapist for 28 ... Read More

Anne Russell

Anne Russell

Anne Russell is the mother of two adult children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder [FASD]. In 2000, she first identified ... Read More

John McBride

John McBride

Professor John McBride is an infectious diseases physician and clinical microbiologist. He is a professor of medicine at James Cook ... Read More

Randall from Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Service

Randall from Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Service

Randall is the Senior Practitioner and Child and Youth Counsellor at Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Service. He has most recently ... Read More

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