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Preoperative and Postoperative Assessment for General Anaesthesia course for Dental Practice

Speciality Classification
Oral Health
Time / Duration
35 minutes
Subject matter expert
eLearning for Heatlhcare
Endorsed By
Faculty of Dental Surgery,elfh,NHS

This session discusses factors governing fitness for general anaesthesia, including pre- and postoperative assessment of patients.

Learning objectives

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • describe how a patient should be optimised prior to general anaesthesia
  • list the steps required for a thorough preoperative assessment
  • list the key checks to be completed during the postoperative period

The busy dental practice deals with thousands of patients in a year. It is inevitable that a proportion of them will require care under general anaesthesia (GA). This may be because of disease complexity, for example, impacted teeth, soft tissue disease, orthognathic, even tumour-related events but, also very commonly for anxiety-related issues.

Entry Requirements / Prerequisites

Before commencing this session you should have knowledge of:

  • basic cardiac physiology
  • human health and disease
Instructors / Speakers
Warris Bokhari,

Warris graduated from University College London with a medical degree in 2007. He has worked in acute medicine and surgery and is an anaesthetic trainee in London. He has a background in the pharmaceutical industry and holds a degree in Chemistry from King’s College London. Currently, he is working as an executive in a medical research group funding next-generation therapies to infectious diseases and cancer, working alongside a Nobel Laureate. Warris is also an accomplished photographer and is embarking on a portrait project centred on the psychosocial effects on facial disfigurement and reconstructive surgery with one of the UK’s leading facial plastic surgeons. Warris holds an honorary lectureship at The Royal College of Surgeons and is a research fellow at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

Claire Boynton,

Claire works in North West London as a specialist registrar in anaesthetics, with a keen interest in cardiac anaesthesia and congenital malformations. Claire is actively involved in improving conditions for anaesthetic trainees in London by representing them at Deanery level. Outside of medicine, Claire is an accomplished viola player and regularly plays as part of the London Doctors Orchestra. Claire also enjoys stage acting and stills photography.

Preoperative and Postoperative Assessment for General Anaesthesia course for Dental Practice
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Interest Areas / Topics Covered
Dental, -- DENTAL --
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Education Provider
Time / Duration
35 minutes
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