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Professional Diploma of General Dermatology program

Speciality Classification
General Practice ( GP ) / Family Medicine
15 weeks

Presented by noted dermatologists, the online Professional Diploma of General Dermatology program will teach you how to manage all major dermatological conditions as well as general disease states manifesting through the skin, and help you minimise unnecessary referrals to specialists.

GPs are confronted with common skin, nail and hair conditions on a regular basis as patients have limited access to dermatologists. In fact, the largest organ of the human body makes up 15 per cent of general practice consultations on a day-to-day basis. Undergraduate dermatology training is minimal in many medical schools and without additional education in general dermatology, GPs are often underequipped to handle common presentations such as paediatric infections, atopic eczema, chronic plaque psoriasis, female pattern hair loss, and many more conditions.

Quality-assured by Bond University, the education pathway is Professional Certificate of General Dermatology, Advanced Certificate of General Dermatology and Professional Diploma of General Dermatology.

Professional Certificate of General Dermatology

  • Module 1: Common benign lesions, pigmentary conditions and skin infections
  • Module 2: Facial rashes, systemic diseases and fungal skin infections 
  • Module 3: Psoriasis, lichen planus and pityriasis rosea 
  • Module 4: Atopic dermatitis and acne 
  • Module 5: Dermatopathology, pruritus and contact dermatitis 
  • Module 6: Nail diseases and hair loss 
  • Module 7: Paediatric dermatology, follicular disorders and blistering disorders 
  • Module 8: General dermatology cases 

Advanced Certificate of General Dermatology

  • Module 1: Dermatological emergencies, vitiligo and skin infestations 
  • Module 2: Treatment of dermatomyositis and sarcoidosis 
  • Module 3: Systemic treatment options for psoriasis and lichen planus 
  • Module 4: Systemic treatment for atopic dermatitis, and the differential diagnosis and treatment of acne 
  • Module 5: Patch testing, contact dermatitis and cutaneous lymphomas 
  • Module 6: Cicatricial alopecia and rare nail disorders 
  • Module 7: Hidradenitis suppurativa and bullous pemphigoid 
  • Module 8: More challenging cases  
  • Concluding webinar: Summary and questions/clarification prior to exams

Professional Diploma of General Dermatology

  • Module 1: Bites: animals, snakes and insects
  • Module 2: Skin ulcers, pressure sores and wound care
  • Module 3: Pregnancy dermatoses
  • Module 4: Oral mucosal diseases
  • Module 5: Urticaria and drug eruptions
  • Module 6: Nutritional dermatoses and delusions of parasitosis
  • Module 7: Sexually transmitted infections and HIV
  • Module 8: Vulvar skin diseases
Professional Diploma of General Dermatology program
Interest Areas / Topics Covered
Provider Type
Education Provider
15 weeks
CPD Points
RACGP and ACRRM points pending. RACGP and ACRRM have revised their accreditation processes and recognitions will be updated as soon as they are received.