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Safe Swallowing Dysphagia Management and IDDSI Education Course for Nurses

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Safe Swallowing


For Individuals

This Course is ideal for carers and Disability and Aged Care Facility staff who want to update and improve their understanding and care of loved ones or residents with Dysphagia or swallowing problems. 

If you care for an ageing friend or relative or a person with a disability and and who may have challenges with their swallowing, but you’re not quite sure, this course will help you gain the knowledge to know what signs to look for. It will also help you to understand the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) food and fluid modifications that make it safer for your loved one to eat and drink safely.

If you’re at this website and work in the Disability or Aged Care sector, you might well be searching for answers to questions you have about the best care you can provide your residents. You’re in the right place.

This course will empower you to better understand and identify those at risk of choking and how to best support their safe swallowing needs through your new found knowledge of the IDDSI food and fluid dietary modifications.

After successful completion of the course a Certificate will be available for download.


For Facilities With Larger Staff Numbers

Please email support(at)safeswallowing.com.au for special rates


Why Dysphagia Education and IDDSI Management is Important

One Third of Residents Are At Risk of Choking

Disability and Aged care facilities are in a position to do more to prevent their residents from choking and ensuring that their wellbeing is not affected by swallowing difficulties, also known as Dysphagia.

Ensuring you know what to look out for is vital for a resident’s general health. As many as a third of those in disability and aged care facilities have swallowing problems.

Many residents have developed infections simply because food has slipped into their airway. If they are not eating the right food consistencies and have developed an infection, they may become disoriented, causing their behaviour to deteriorate, resulting in them not remembering their current capabilities, become malnourished, even causing aggression or falls.

It is vital all those working with the ageing population have access to accurate safe swallowing education. The consequences of a 'swallowing incident' can be disastrous - even fatal - to the health and safety of residents and the elderly being cared for at home. 


Why Take the Course?

Choking is the second highest cause of death in the ageing population; falls being the first.

Poor diet and nutrition can lead to frailty and instability when mobile; this can lead to falls. 

Armed with this Safe Swallowing Dysphagia Education and Management Program knowledge and an understanding of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) food and fluid modifications standards, your role as a carer, becomes less stressful, safer and more productive.

This course is ideal for those caring for loved ones at home and for those working in disability and aged care facilities. Whether you have any experience in the disability and aged care sector, or you simply have an interest in this growing area of health, this Course is for you.

This Course explores the context of welfare and community service and health work in the disability and aged care population and provides students with the basic academic abilities and understandings necessary for a greater understanding of the area of swallowing difficulties and their management.

You work in an area that is highly demanding, on many levels. You have many, many responsibilities and tasks to perform every day, when caring for those around you who are ageing. We want you to feel confident, supportive and productive, every day you work with this very special population.

How can you function that way every day? Knowledge. You know that when you have knowledge, you feel empowered and confident to face the day ahead. We want you to feel that confidence in managing the ageing population who have swallowing difficulties.

The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) has established standards of food and fluid modifications that make eating and drinking safer for those with Dysphagia or swallowing problems. These standards have started rolling out across the whole world. We want you to be confident in recognising a swallowing problem and following these recommendations. 


Who Can Benefit from a Safe Swallowing Program?

Prevent choking in disability and aged care facilities and home caring. This Safe Swallowing Dysphagia Education and IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) Management Program helps train your nursing staff and care givers to provide the utmost care to your resident or relative, in approximately one hour. The program helps disability and aged care staff and care givers to better manage dysphagia.


Who specifically can benefit?

  • Disability and Aged Care Staff
  • Carers of the elderly being cared for at home
  • Family members
  • Speech Pathologists who may not have had the time or opportunity to become familiar with the 2019 IDDSI standards
  • Medical Staff
  • Other Allied Health Professionals working in Disability and Aged Care, for example physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists or students
  • Nursing students
  • Anyone working with or caring for the ageing population

Modules / Topics

Part One

Why Do a Safe Swallowing Education Program?

  1. How Common are Swallowing Problems?
  2. Compliance & Duty of Care

What is a Swallowing Problem? (Dysphagia)

  1. Some terms explained
  2. Normal Swallow
  3. Abnormal Swallow

Causes of Swallowing Problems

  1. Symptoms of Swallowing Problems
  2. What to look for

Swallowing Assessment

What is a Speech Pathologist’s Role in Swallowing Problems?

Contributing Factors



Part Two

Managing Safe Swallowing

  1. Safe Swallowing Procedures
  2. Your important role

 International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative Food and Fluid Modifications.

Safe Swallowing Dysphagia Management and IDDSI Education Course for Nurses
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