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Sepsis e-Learning Programme for Allied Health

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Allied Health
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5.6 hours
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e-Learning for Healthcare
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This high-quality e-learning programme helps healthcare professionals to spot the early signs of sepsis, provide timely treatment and ultimately save lives.

The programme is suitable for a very wide range of healthcare professionals globally, including general practitioners, hospital doctors, nurses, community midwives and paramedics.


A high-quality sepsis training programme

Available online, the training modules cover a very broad range of themes, from sepsis in children through to the elderly, and complex issues such as maternity and neutropenia.

Written by leading clinical experts, the programme has been developed with several Royal Colleges and professional bodies in the UK. So, it meets the highest quality and training standards.

The Sepsis e-learning programme is packed with images, videos, animations and questions to help bring the subject matter to life and foster deeper understanding on the key themes involved.


An invaluable resource for practitioners globally

You can review clinical data and medical histories for patients using case studies – and build your confidence and skills in diagnosing the condition. You can also watch interviews with the parents of children affected by sepsis – helping you to put the learning into a real-world context.

This is an invaluable learning resource that will help you play your part in improving the diagnoses of sepsis and positive outcomes for patients.



eIntegrity programmes are developed by NHS Health Education England’s e-Learning for Healthcare programme (HEE e-LfH). 

The programmes are high quality self-directed learning programmes.  They are designed to support training and CPD and are excellent resources alongside other traditional teaching methodologies.  They have been developed by the UK NHS for use in the NHS.  However, many of the programmes have international relevance, particularly the specialty training programmes which are often mapped to UK specialty training curricula.


Certificate of completion
Interactive activities
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Suitable for all healthcare professionals globally

Interactive and engaging, with videos, case studies and questions

Written by leading clinical experts in the UK

Free trial session

Overview of Sepsis

This session is aimed at all out of hospital clinicians, GPs, Nurses, Pharmacists, Paramedics, Community Midwives and those providing urgent or unscheduled care.

It will provide an introduction to key facts about sepsis and outlines the size of the problem, common community presentations and key actions that influence outcomes.


Sepsis is a hugely important topic in both children and adults and this new educational resource, which is available to all health and social care professionals, can help improve diagnoses and treatment rates for patients.

- Wendy Reid, Director of Education and Quality and National Medical Director for Health Education England

On completion, you can download and print off a certificate that is endorsed by the relevant professional body.

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Sepsis e-Learning Programme for Allied Health
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Education Provider
Time / Duration
5.6 hours
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