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Statins: who, when and how?

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Review your approach to the use of statins in the context of cardiovascular (CV) risk, and the assessment and management of suspected statin-associated muscle symptoms.


Almost 1 million Australians aged 45–74 years, who are at high cardiovascular (CV) risk, are not prescribed lipid-modifying and BP-lowering medicines as recommended.

This Clinical e-Audit will help you reflect on the individual management of your patients by guiding you to identify:

  • Who would benefit most from statin treatment
  • When to start statin treatment and the importance of CV risk assessment in the decision
  • How to implement a systematic approach to improve adherence, and assess and manage suspected statin-associated adverse effects.

Our Clinical e-Audits are free quality improvement activities that help GPs review their current prescribing practice for patients with certain conditions, compared with current best practice guidelines.

What’s involved:

  • completing electronic data collection for 10 patients
  • securely submitting de-identified data online
  • receiving immediate patient-specific feedback to assist implementation of changes to practice
  • reviewing individual and peer feedback results based on best practice clinical indicators
  • recording progress of individual patients automatically identified for review
  • reflecting on improvements in practice.

Learning outcomes

Participation in this activity will assist you to:

  • manage lipid levels in the context of absolute CV risk
  • review processes to optimise statin treatment to achieve lipid targets
  • review and optimise processes for assessment and management of adverse effects of statins
  • implement strategies to improve adherence to lipid-modifying treatment and ensure an adequate trial
  • identify when to add a second lipid-modifying medicine to statin treatment based on guidelines.

You will…

  • have access to a summary of best practice recommendations
  • receive practical advice to provide to your patients
  • create a management plan for each patient
  • receive immediate feedback and be able to compare your results with those of your peers.
Statins: who, when and how?
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