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The art of communication in leadership to create an inspiring culture

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The Physiotherapy clinic landscape is continually evolving and increasingly, we are seeing more Physiotherapists leaving their place of work to start a solo private practice where they can earn a higher wage whilst having more perceived control over their schedule. This provides two main challenges. Firstly, as business owners how do we retain great Physiotherapists in order to best serve the health of our communities and, secondly, how does this affect the perception of the Physiotherapy profession as a whole to the public. Does a team based Physiotherapy clinic have the resources to provide a better client experience and journey; and increase the satisfaction and retention of people in the profession long-term?

This session will address a key question in business for Physiotherapists - How do we create an inspiring culture that people don’t want to leave for a slightly higher wage and that therapists want to join? One of the main pieces of this puzzle is the art of communication in our leadership and having a strong focus on delivering happiness and support to our team. We will explore what this looks like in practice and how this will reframe the role of a leader from having a team that works for them, to someone who works for their team.

The key take home messages for business owners are; to reframe the role of a leader, tangibly how structured support with improved communication styles can enhance this process and finally, how to build this into your business plan


Peter Flynn is a Physiotherapist, a director of both Physio Fit Adelaide and iMoveU Practitioner Training; as well as a business mentor with Clinic Mastery.
In 2019 Physio Fit Adelaide won the Telstra Small and Succeeding Business Award for innovation in leadership, digital strategy and client care.
Peter was also recognised as one of the top 40 entrepreneurs under 40 in SA and as a professional speaker through the PSA. Peter is passionate about speaking on social media strategy in healthcare, communication in health and ethical marketing, to influence and inspire continual growth in the Physiotherapy profession and the wider healthcare community.


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Please note: The content of this Lecture on Demand (LOD) was captured via a recording of a live lecture at the APA premises. Due to the nature of the event and the recording method, this LOD may not have captured some of the questions/comments from live audience. Your purchase of this module indicates your acceptance of this.

The art of communication in leadership to create an inspiring culture
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1.5 Hours
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