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The Delivery Of Oral Healthcare In The UK course for Dental Practice

Speciality Classification
Oral Health
Time / Duration
15 minutes
Subject matter expert
eLearning for Healthcare
Endorsed By
Faculty of Dental Surgery

This session covers how oral healthcare is delivered in the UK and the impact it has on patients and those who provide dental and oral healthcare.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • List the various components of the oral healthcare service in the UK
  • Describe how these components operate
  • Explain how they interrelate and cooperate

The provision of oral healthcare in the UK is a complex matrix of separate but interlinked components.

This session provides you with a detailed knowledge of the system, including a better understanding of the changing nature of NHS management arrangements.

Entry Requirements / Prerequisites

Before commencing this session you should have:

  • A simple understanding of the management systems within the NHS
  • A good grasp of what oral healthcare is and its desired outcomes
Instructors / Speakers
John Renshaw,
General Dental Practitioner

John has been a general dental practitioner in Scarborough for 41 years.

He was President of the Yorkshire Branch of the British Dental Association in 1983 and again in 2006 - the only person ever to hold that office twice. He was a member of two health authorities for 15 years and a Dental Practice Adviser for 12 years. He chaired the BDA’s Executive Board for six years. He was the only General Practitioner ever to chair the Department of Health’s Standing Dental Advisory Committee.

The Delivery Of Oral Healthcare In The UK course for Dental Practice
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Dental, -- DENTAL --
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Education Provider
Time / Duration
15 minutes
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