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The microscope for the general practitioner

  • : Sydney Dental Hospital

Course overview

The enhanced magnification and illumination provided by the dental operating microscope can be applied to almost all clinical situations. These include the diagnosis of caries, cracks and fractures, pit and fissure restorations, all stages of cavity, veneer and crown preparations and endodontic, periodontal and oral surgery procedures. In many dental specialties the microscope is already considered the standard of care, and its use in general practice is growing. By encouraging good posture, the microscope benefits the health of the dentist and the chair side assistant. When combined with documentation facilities, the microscope is an excellent tool for patient education, record keeping and legal defence.

All reference material will be supplied. Your presenters include a specialist endodontist, general practitioner and a microscope-trained chair side assistant, all with extensive microscope experience who look forward to sharing their knowledge with you.

Day 1: Wednesday 3 July 2019

Day one is intended for dentists who have limited experience with the microscope and for those who have never previously used a microscope. This course will improve your use of the microscope in every day clinical situations by providing “hands on” exercises on teeth and clinically realistic tooth models.

Day 2: Thursday 4 July 2019

Day two will emphasize the team approach necessary when using the microscope. You are encouraged to bring your chair side assistant to the course. Day two will emphasise training in four-handed dentistry specific to creating a microscope enhanced general practice, including the efficient use of rubber dam and other clinical skills.


The microscope and what features to look for:

  • Adjusting and focusing the microscope
  • Dentist, assistant and patient positioning for optimum results and improved posture
  • Pit and fissure restorations
  • Endodontic access cavities, canal location and instrumentation
  • Veneer preparation
  • Cavity preparation
  • Crown preparation
  • Periodontal procedures
  • Documentation and record keeping

Learning objectives

  • Adjust the microscope for comfort and effectiveness
  • Carry out clinical procedures using various levels of magnification
  • Utilize their chair-side assistant to maximum benefit
  • Develop new skills using specialised instruments designed for the microscope
  • Improve communication with their patients
  • Improve their treatment records
The microscope for the general practitioner
7 hours
7 hours
Sydney Dental Hospital
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